Slow Weekend

Sorry, there is nothing new from the weekend to post. Friday night we bummed dinner from Lauren's roommate, who was making dinner for her visiting mother and wound up making more food than she had planned for. Free dinner on a Friday night? Yes please.

Saturday I had soccer in the afternoon, followed by beer and BBQ at a friend's house and a birthday party in the evening. So I spent the night grazing on snacks and appetizers.

Sunday I again had soccer (coaching) followed by more soccer (playing) which meant that I left the house around 2pm, stood outside where it was 45 degrees and raining, drove across town, played soccer indoors then got home about 8pm cold, wet, sweaty and not in the mood to get groceries and start cooking.

But I did have a chance to look at the Sunday flyer for the local weekly grocery stores and noticed that the following items were on sale:

  • Meijer Fresh Grade A Whole Chicken ($0.98/lb)
  • Ground Beef from Chuck Certified Angus Beef ($2/lb, save $1.40/lb)
  • Pork Shoulder Bone-In Western Style Ribs ($0.99/lb, save $0.80/lb)

So my plan over the next 7 days is to make beer can chicken, Kansas City style pork ribs and burgers (which probably wouldn't make the blog). Evidently I have subconsciously decided that its time for this blog to give The Neely's their day in court.

Now whether or not Lauren is going to roll with that menu is anybody's guess. I could sneak attack her with it by buying everything, preparing it and then saying "you're more than welcome to go to the grocery store and pick something else out if you don't want to eat this", but that is either going to lead to a few very quiet dinners or me eating a rack of ribs for lunch and dinner every day until it is gone.

If I had to guess I'd say that the ribs get done over the weekend, the beer can chicken gets done on Tuesday or Wednesday and the burgers get done tonight. But in order to do that I'm probably going to have to agree to all green side dishes (which wouldn't be so terrible even though I am badly craving mashed potatoes) or I'm going to have to agree to at least one, if not two vegetarian or fish meals on the "off "days.

We'll see. I'll (obviously) keep you posted on how my meal plan unfolds.


Rach said...

ha ha, I enjoyed that one. Thanks for posting the sale meats @ Meijer! I'll pick up some ribs when I head there tomorrow. And I enjoy watching the Neely's...although sometimes I just want them to go get a room! And sometimes I think his fingernails are too long. I know there are nicely manicured...but still too long & it grosses me out.