Back From South Carolina

I spent the past week in South Carolina attending Lauren's various family Christmases. Good times. We left on the 21st in the midst of whiteout. Getting from home to the Battle Creek area was a nightmare, and in retrospect we took a HUGE risk driving that morning. At the same time I understand that the weather got worse the next few days and we never would have made it out had we not left then. All in all the roads were terrible for 90 miles and then dry and windy for the last 900. If you're wondering what kind of toll driving 16 hours and 1,000 miles twice in just over a week takes on your spirit, check out Lauren's dog:

This is essentially a "before" picture, taken Christmas night or sometime between Thursday and Sunday.
Here is a "during" picture, taken in the car during the daylight driving hours:

Later in the drive, after the sun went down:At home, after the car was unpacked:
As you can see Josslyn seems to get the crazy eye in photos when she is happy. And yes, that is a hooded soccer sweatshirt that she is wearing. Its made for dogs and it draws a lot of attention.

We were stopped at a Subway in Jellico TN mid-afternoon and realized we were out of dog food. We packed what we thought would be enough, but ended up being about a half a day short. So we head inside, and as always Joss jumps into the driver's seat for whatever reason. So we order our two subs, and then Lauren says "actually we're going to need a third, make it a six inch oven roasted chicken breast on wheat." and then declines to have it toasted, microwaved or heated in any way by saying "cold is fine, its for my dog". Then during the toppings portion of the sandwich assembly she says "and that one (the dog's sandwich) needs tomatoes and carrots" without any further explanation, at which point our sandwich artist chimed in about things her dog does and doesn't eat, making things slightly less awkward. Finally I explained our situation so that we weren't the yuppie couple that regularly feeds our sweatshirt wearing dog fast food sandwiches, to the local residents of some random town in Tennessee.