In The Doghouse?

Clearly this is an advertisement for some kind of jewelry company, but it is hilarious nonetheless. I find it especially funny because I know I am destined to wind up there in the very near future. I am not sure how or when, but I can feel it. In fact I feel like Phil Collins in that song.

The reason being that there was no food lab this past Saturday night. Someone, I won't say who, decided that "we can't eat like that anymore" because "I've gained like 5 lbs since Thanksgiving" and all the other post-Thanksgiving complaints you can imagine. I believe that sentiment is being compounded by the fact that this person will be seeing members of their extended family in a couple of week while attending two or three Christmas dinners.

So last night we went grocery shopping and in the final salvo of good eating for the foreseeable future we got ingredients for a white chicken chili, which I proceeded to screw up by forgetting to add the shredded cheese and sour cream. Subconsciously I was already defeated. The remainder of our grocery store bounty included the following:

Whole Wheat Pasta
Baby Corn
Red, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppers
Fat Free Lactose Free Milk
Raspberry-Acai Berry Juice
Ground Turkey
Lighty and Zesty Italian Dressing
Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Pineapple, Mangoes
Long Grain Wild Rice

I can't even remember the other things we got, but needless to say I am not overly excited. The food itself is fine, most of it was on sale, its going to taste just fine and its healthy. But just seeing it all at one time in the shopping cart or listed in this blog entry is really devastating.

And if she ever finds out I wrote this I am definitely going to be in the doghouse.


Rach said...

ha ha. I was literally just about to post my white chicken chili recipe! food.... Unfortunately I too have become one of those health food eaters...but this is because I was forced into it by my GI problems. Its terrible...oh how I long for baby back ribs, deep fried broccoli bites with buttermilk ranch and turtle cheesecake....those were the days.

Peter said...

that video was hilarious. I might copy you and put in on my blog too.

Peter said...

dang, I hate when Peter forgets to log himself out...and then I post things as him

melissa diekema said...

that video is hilarious!!!