Good Eats

In the new year Food Network has changed their schedule around just a little bit with certain shows in their off-season and other shows, like Ace Of Cakes, starting their new season. That seems to have opened up the 11pm time slot for a new set of reruns, which is currently being filled by Good Eats. I never used to watch it, but lately Good Eats has turned into my nightcap. Of course that makes it a little more difficult not to go to bed hungry or have weird dreams where I'm in charge of preparing dinner for crazy medieval feasts. But Good Eats is so fascinating and informative that I just can't turn it off. I also like that it doesn't really center on recipes, but instead gives you a better understanding of how to make minor procedural adjustments that improve the quality of your food.

This episode (Season 5, Episode 4: Celebrity Roast) is the one that really turned me on to the show.

I am sure I might regret this because I'd never watch or re-watch them (like my Sopranos DVDs), but right now I want the complete set of Good Eats on DVD, just not at that price.


Rach said...

I LOVE GOOD EATS!!!! I thought that if I capitalized it...then you would catch my excitement. Seriously though, its easily my favorite show on Food Network b/c its so informative!! It's all information, technique, & fun facts. I feel like Alton has really helped me understand a lot of food basics...which ultimately make me more confident to make recipe alterations. Plus, I think I have a crush on his nerdiness.