Tikki Masala Pork

This was a play off a dinner we made a few months ago with red curry and pork chops. For that meal we used an Archer Farms meal in a box kit that didn't have near enough rice. For this one we just stuck to the basics:

Preheat the oven to 350. 

Sprinkle salt and pepper (to taste) on your pork chops. Saute the pork chops in 1 tbsp olive oil or butter, high heat for 4 mins per side. Take the almost done pork chops and finish them in the oven for 8-10 mins.

Heat your Tasty Bites sauce packet per the instructions on the back. The grocery store had the option of  Tikki Masala, Good Korma and Rogan Josh flavors. The Rogan Josh appeared to be very spicy and the Good Korma had a very vague description of its flavors, so I chose the safest (read: tomato based) option.

Cut you pork chops into chunks, simmer briefly in your hot sauce and pour over the rice.

You could probably skip finishing the pork chops in the oven and simmer them to completion in the simmer sauce,  but we elected to err on the side of caution with our cooked meat (we usually do).

It was pretty good. I think with the five chops that we used I'd use two sauce packets. They have a deceptively small amount in them. As it was, we had enough sauce for dinner but after the leftovers go refrigerate and then go through the microwave, those plates might be a little dry.


Rach said...

Peter saw this & gave me the "dude, when you gonna make this one" look.